Altun Ha | Maya Adventure Tour

Altun Ha literally means Rockstone water in Yucatec Maya and reflects the name of the modern village. Adventure on to Altun Ha, an ancient Mayan city is the home of the famous Jade head carving of the Sun God, Kinich Ahau.

​​Location |This magnificent maya temple is located in  the Belize District just 34 miles north of Belize City

​​City Tour & Museum | Soft Adventure Tour

Explore the rich history of Belize City and it's heritage immerse in the wonders of the Old Capital where you can learn about the historic colonial buildings and visit its museums; see some of the great Mayan artifacts and colonial history that shaped this city.

Location |This is located in Belize City. This is an easy tour where minimal walking is required. This is more of a historical tour which takes you to various landmarks of the old capital



Belize Zoo | Wildlife Adventure Tour

The Belize Zoo is like no other and most actually consider it safe haven for wildlife. Actually this was and still is a wildlife rehab center. Away from busy city explore some wildlife, and enjoy Belize's native wildlife as their environment is as natural as it can be. Here you can see Howler Monkeys, Tapir, Jaguars and much more!

Location | The Belize Zoo is located a mere 29 miles from the Belize City, approximately a 35-40 minute drive.

Belize Baboon Sanctuary | Wildlife  Tour

The Belize Baboon Sanctuary is located off the old belize river, where you can explore the wildlife of the black howler monkeys, the highlight of the adventure is to actually immerse yourself in the howler monkeys natural environment.

Location |  Bermudian Landing located north of Belize City. Modest museum & visitor center offers exhibits on primates & the rainforest, plus a gift shop.

Belize Canopy/Zipline Tour | Adventure Tour

Belize is covered by more than 60% protected areas which serves as a natural playground for many. Get an adrenaline rush while you zip-line from treetops to other treetops while safely harnessed. This adventure is for the brave at heart or simply for those looking for thrill adventure!

Location | They are various locations in Belize to do a Canopy/Ziplining Tour. Western Belize is filled with these adventures!

Cave Tubing | Soft Adventure Tour

Belize boasts of intense underground cave systems. Some say it's one of the largest. Relax and float down the river through some underground caves naturally built by erosion, explore the small water falls within the caves and so much more...

Location | Western Belize is one of the most popular places to seek underground adventures. In Cayo you can find some of the most popular caves like ATM, Barton Creek Cave and Nohoch Che'em caves to name a few.


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