Belize is one of the few countries that can say that we are both part of the Caribbean and Central America. Belize is rich in history as well as in the Maya Ruins, lush rainforests, islands, ecosystems, and the always beautiful Caribbean Sea. Belize has a lot to offer and vacationers can find just about anything that they’re interested in right in the country. With the Caribbean Sea bordering on the East, and our Lush rainforests found a few hours inland you are bound to find something for everyone in Belize. 


Belize has close neighbors: Mexico on the North, Guatemala on the West and Honduras on the South. You can believe that this adds to the diversity! When it comes to the people, you will definitely find a wide and diverse variety in the City. The City was once the old capital of British Honduras, and currently the largest city in the country. So naturally, many from all over the country would come and still do come to the city for business, education, work and trade. The cruise ships dock outside of the Belize City harbor and on many days out of the week you can find lots of tourists strolling along the City streets soaking in the culture. 


The City was the hub of business for many, and still remains true to this day. This thus created a diverse group of individuals relocating to the City to make business and trading easier. You can find a diverse group of Creole, Mestizo, Garifuna, Indian, Chinese, Taiwanese, as well as a wide array of Americans and Europeans to name a few. 


The international airport as well as the Municipal airports are located in the Belize City area and so the chances of you cruising through the city to get to other parts of the country is very likely. Almost all of the water taxi’s and the local flights operate through the City. 


The climate in Belize City is similar to the climate in the rest of the country, sunshine and blue skies. We do use Fahrenheit, and you can find a current temperature reading at the bottom of our website to give you a better idea of what temperature it currently is. Either way, pack your swimsuits and hats as well as lots of sunblock! 


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Belize, Central America 

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